Internet Matrix utilizes a fully features and industry standard POP3 and IMAP server system for incoming e-mail. Almost 99% of our e-mail accounts on domains and other services are POP3 industry standard.  Each domain hosted with us uses it's own unique pointer to e-mail for that domain.  POP3 is also know as an INCOMING MAIL SERVER on some e-mail clients.

We recommend using either Eudora or Outlook as your e-mail program. Please note that these programs run on your computer and are not WEB BASED e-mail clients such as Hotmail, or Yahoo... 

For your domain your settings for POP3 and/or INCOMING MAIL are as follows:

POP3 SETTING:    www.[your domain name].com

Replace [your domain name] with your actual domain name you chose for your web site.

IMAP accounts are available on request. IMAP is also require if you use our web mail upgrade option. Please contact Preston for more details and pricing on these services.



SMTP is the protocol used to send mail out to the Internet. The industry has been working very diligently to have tight and reliable controls on this protocol. These controls are what allow us to combat SPAM at the very root of the problem. For this reason Internet Matrix no longer allows access to it's SMTP from outside our network.

What this means that even though you have services on our system you will not be able to send mail through our system. This is due to security controls over on our network and your dialup / cable / DSL provider. Even if we did allow you to access our SMTP the majority of ISP's in the United States wouldn't allow it anyway.

All is good though and you do have a way to send out e-mail.

What ISP's all over North America are doing is allowing you to access only one (1) SMTP server. This is the one that you are already authenticated on through your Dialup / cable / DSL provider. You are already part of their network and authenticated as a paying cusomter.

Simply put the SMTP server or OUTGOING MAIL SERVER is the one you connect directly to with your computer. Here is an example:

Let's say you use a company called ATOZINTERNET.  They give you an account and provide you with a SMTP setting of:

This is the SMTP or OUTGOING MAIL SERVER setting that you will use for your e-mail program. You exact SMTP setting should have been provided to you when you signed up for Internet access at your local or national dialup /cable / DSL Internet provider. If you have not received it or lost it please contact them immediately.

You can still have your return e-mail address set to your domain with us. It doesn't matter what you place in the return area as you are already authenticated on your ISP network by the connection.



To make this process very simple here is the way to think about your e-mail

  1. You use our servers to pick up your domain mail
  2. You use your dialup / cable / DSL Internet provider to send out your mail
  3. Use a client like Outlook or Eudora for best results


Note:  We do not support you in the setup of your e-mail software client. Please refer to your software manual or phone the software support lines for assistance on how to setup these programs. Remember to have all your account information handy when you make these calls.



We use and support CentOS, Blue Quartz, SQL, OpenBSD, Flash AS3 to deliver top level service.